Past Classes

13-14 Jan: Tactical Pistol/Carbine Course
21 Jan: Defensive Carbine Clinic
17 Feb: NRA Range Safety Officer Course
17-18 Feb: NRA Chief RSO Course
04 Mar: Defensive Pistol Clinic
17-18 Mar: NRA Basics of Personal Protection Outside The Home Course
24 Mar: Defensive Carbine I Class
15 Apr: 4-Count Draw Clinic
21-22 Apr: Pistol Shooting Solution
28 Apr: Defensive Pistol Class I
06 May: Low Light Pistol Clinic
19 May: Defensive Carbine I Class
26 May: Variable Power Optics/Precision Rifle Fundamentals
02 Jun: Concealed Carry Close Quarters Combatives
09 Jun: Defensive Pistol Class II
17 Jun: Defensive Carbine I Clinic
23 Jun: Defensive Shotgun I
15 Jul: Concealed Carry Draw Techniques
12 Aug: Practical Pistol/Competition Skills
18 Aug: Defensive Carbine Class I
22 Sept: Defensive Shotgun I
8-9 Sept: Advanced Covert Carry Skills
15-16 Sept: Tactical Rifle I Course
16 Sept: Defensive Carbine I Clinic
22 Sept: Defensive Pistol Class II
29 Sept: Variable Power Optics / Precision Rifle Fundamentals
6-7 Oct: Advanced Covert Carry Skills
14 Oct: Defensive Pistol Clinic I
27 Oct: Defensive Carbine Class II
10 Nov: Defensive Pistol I Class
18 Nov: 4-Count Draw Clinic
09 Dec: Defensive Pistol Clinic I


Inclement Weather Policy

We shoot rain or shine. Lightning will stop the show. When possible, we try to use the EZ shelters to mitigate the rain. Rain jackets and other helpful gear are recommended (such as an extra pair of shoes or pants for the ride back home).

Please contact us if you are interested in hosting a course.

We strive to have all instructors present for each class. There are times when this will not be possible. No matter which instructors are present, Green Ops will provide the highest quality professional instruction.