F3 Tactical

Best tactical gear and apparel in the Northern Virginia area.


FPF Training

Excellent and real concealed carry classes in Northern Virginia.


Second Call

Protection in case you encounter legal trouble after using a gun in self-defense.


Trigger Time TV

Trigger Time TV is a TV show that brings together firearms professionals from across the US to provide the highest level of firearms training and information to firearms enthusiasts across the country. The episodes are available for FREE at pursuituptv
or download the “PursuitUP” app for FREE and watch Trigger Time TV on your smartphone, tablet or Apple TV

Live Fire Instruction

Live Fire Instruction specializes in first time shooters, NRA programs, and youth courses. Located in Northern Virginia.


GreenOps Targets

You may now purchase our Targets directly from F3 Tactical, Inc. (In Store) or from National Target Company :

- Rifle Dot-Torture Target
(adopted from our late friend Todd Green)

- Green Ops Target


Active Self Protection

Active Self Protection exists to train people in all walks of life to protect themselves and their families from all kinds of harm; They focus on physical self-defense, and train in emotional, psychological, relational, and spiritual self-defense.


Spotter Up

Web content from SOF vets, law enforcement/emergency personnel and civilians w/passion for learning and helping others become more sound individuals.