Veteran Owned and Operated

Our mission is to provide students with the same level of training given to military and law enforcement special operations units. Why should your training be any less special?

Teaching Since 2005

we have the experience to teach you to operate your firearms proficiently and to do so with tactical proficiency in a defensive situation.

Based in Northern Virginia

Come to us or we will come to you. We regularly conduct classes in Northern Virginia and, if you prefer, we can bring a training team to your area, anywhere in the country.



On average, both civilian CCW carriers and law enforcement professionals train and qualify in firearms skills at a far lower rate than career criminals. Average training is not enough to win when faced with a real firefight. 

Our training is designed to bridge the gap between insufficient standard requirements and what you really need to succeed in the field.

We teach advanced tactical techniques and drill our students until speed, accuracy, balance, and precision become second nature.

For more information, see our whole training philosophy.



Our instructors have years of experience using and teaching firearms skills, and many have military or law enforcement backgrounds. For a full list of our instructors and their qualifications, see our instructors page.