We can create tailored courses for your needs.

Location, length, time, and cost can be customized to your requirements and the number of students. With the exception of our driving courses, the below courses can be offered in 5, 10, 15 or 21 day courses depending on your needs. Please contact us for more information and additional details.

  • PSD and Executive Protection
  • SWAT and Close Quarters
  • Military and Law Enforcement
  • Driving



This class covers firearms tactics in and around vehicles. It is designed for experienced shooters and prerequisite training is mandatory for attendance.  A strong emphasis will be placed on barricades, moving and shooting in, around, and from vehicles.  We will discuss use of vehicle as cover, limitations, exiting and departing. 



This class is designed to provide the student with the required knowledge and hands on training to begin working in the high-level security field of Executive Protection (EP).  Students will learn to provide close protection security for designated individuals, conduct advances, site surveys, route analysis for multiple venues, and counter-Surveillance operations during all movements. Students will learn the duties of the Agent In Charge (AIC), Detail Leader (DL), and detail member.



Designed to teach Executive Protection specialists the required skills to conduct Security in High Risk environments and war torn countries. Students will learn how to coordinate with military, local security, law enforcement and government. Focus will be on the primary tactics used in High Risk areas, such as ambush live fire drills, Downed vehicle drills, Night Operations, Roadside IED’s recognition and tactics and Suicide Car Bombings. Credible training and experience will be required prerequisites for this course or can be incorporated into this course. 



Designed for those who work as part of a protective detail or in a motorcade. Training starts with vehicle dynamics and the importance of understanding “vehicle language”, through realistic exercises & drills.  Next students learn how to use the vehicle as a means of escape or as a weapon for survival. Students will learn the use of emergency backing, “Y” and “J” turns, precision intervention technique (PIT), barricade breaching (RAM), driver down (passenger side driving) and how to recognize an attack. The training also concentrates on driving at above-highway speeds on real roads, motorcade tactics, and evasive drills. The course culminates in an exercise where the students work together in a motorcade, which comes under attack. Available in 2-4 day packages.



This course is designed to provide the student with the required knowledge, skills and hands on training to work as a member of a team tasked with CQB, SWAT or counterterrorism duties. Students must demonstrate they have the skill and confidence with their carbine and pistol as a perquisite for this course. The course begins with single team/room and progresses through single team multiple room, hallways and stairwells, room clearing at night, multiple teams multiple rooms, and then combining all skills including mechanical, and ballistic breaching.  Additional subjects available are planning, risk management in CQB/SWAT operations and training, assault uniform and equipment, movement techniques, shotgun, barrier penetration, building climbing techniques, search and control techniques, and vehicle assaults. The end-state of this course is to have basic teams capable of clearing a single-entry point, single story, multi-room objective with discriminating fire up to advanced multi-teams capable of (Day or night) Multiple breaches with simultaneous entry points, multi-story, multi-room objectives, while using Internal explosive breaching with surgical accuracy.