Firearms Tactics for Vehicles (2 Days)


This class covers firearms tactics in and around vehicles. It is designed for experienced shooters and prerequisite training is mandatory for attendance.  A strong emphasis will be placed on barricades, moving and shooting in, around, and from vehicles.  We will discuss use of vehicle as cover, limitations, exiting and departing. 



Range Requirements

  • 100yd range
  • Minimum of 2 cars that can be used for instruction and be damaged and shot for ballistic demonstration




Your carbine must be zeroed prior to this clinic. We recommend a 50/200m zero, but 25 & 100 are also acceptable for the course. 

Topics Covered

  • Cover vs. Concealment for vehicles
  • Vehicle Bailouts
  • Vehicle ballistic protection
  • Fire and Maneuver
  • Shooting through glass
  • Weapons accessibility when inside vehicles
  • Individual & two-person tactics
  • Shooting from and into vehicles
  • Deploying a Rifle and Pistol from a vehicle


Equipment Needed

  • Serviceable semi-automatic pistol (9mm or larger caliber) and at least three magazines

  • Serviceable Carbine and three magazines
  • Sling for Carbine
  • Be able to retain 2 pistol and 2 carbine magazines on your body
  • 500 rounds of pistol and 500 rounds of carbine ammunition. No steel core, no armor piercing, no tracer rounds.
  • Knee pads (optional, but recommended)
  • Water for hydration 
  • Eye protection, hearing protection (electronic recommended) and baseball cap
  • Quality belt with strong side holster and at least 1 magazine pouch