TPCC 101

Price: $475


This course combines the tactical use of both the pistol and carbine.  Students should already have a sound foundation in the use of both weapons. After a quick review of the fundamentals, the course will continue with advanced drills and move into timed stress events. Topics will include equipment setup, zeroing, reloading, malfunctions, ready positions, transitions, slings, shooting positions, close contact drills, shooting while moving, barricades, barrel sight relationship, and support side shooting.

This course typically lasts 2 days, but 5 day formats also available. 

Prerequisite: previous pistol and carbine training from military, law enforcement or reputable training company or competition experience (USPSA, IDPA, 3-Gun)

View our 5-part video series to see what the tactical pistol/carbine course is like

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