After action reviews (AARs) are a crucial part of your training. Writing an AAR will help you remember important parts of the class and serve as a good refresher for drills. Your AAR can also help future students with training research.

In order to encourage students to take the time to write an AAR, we are offering a 15% discount to those who public an AAR on forums. 


1. Publish your AAR on a public forum.

We recommend the following forums.

2. Include the following information.

  • Class name & level

  • Class date & location

  • Duration of the course

  • Gear & equipment used

  • Round count & ammo used

  • The material that was covered

  • Your experience during the class

  • Any relevant information

If you need photos for the AAR, please contact us and we will share photos with you. 

For examples, see the AAR reviews on our website.

3. Let us know.

Once you publish your AAR, please let us know about it and in return we will offer you a 15% discount off of your next training class. 


We are offering a 10% discount* to military, law enforcement personnel and returning customers for their service, trust, and loyalty. If you are eligible for the discount, please contact us at info@green-ops.com to receive a discount code before you sign up.

*The discount excludes NRA Courses and Specialty Classes (Low Light Pistol Clinic)