Concealed Carry Close Quarters Combatives (8 HRS)

PrerequisitesNo prior experience/training is needed for this course. This course is ideal for armed citizens and armed professionals at all levels.


This class is taught by Green Ops and C4 Combatives ( Matt Larsen Bio). 
The course is two modules:

The Shooting module covers the defensive use of a full-sized to compact-sized pistol. You will improve your pistol handling skills with a strong emphasis on the fundamentals, including the proper wear and draw of a defensive handgun as well as how to safely shoot in close proximity retention.

The Combatives module covers armed fighting during clinches/entanglements. The Combatives module will develop individual fighting skills that will facilitate accessing weapons during the fight, controlling an attacker and their weapon, as well as fighting over control of weapons presented during the fight.


Stone Quarry Range
Culpeper, VA

Link-up Point

E.V. Baker's Store
4066 Zachary Taylor Highway
Culpeper, VA 22701

Link-up occurs and convoy departs 20 minutes prior to class start.


Saturday June 02, 2018
From 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM



Topics Covered

  • Gear setup
  • Safety
  • Mind set
  • Drawing
  • Combat marksmanship
  • Reloads
  • Malfunctions
  • Clinches/entanglements

  • Individual fighting skills

  • Accessing weapons during the fight

  • Controlling the attacker and their weapon

  • Fighting over control of weapons presented during the fight.

Equipment Needed

  • Serviceable semi-automatic pistol (9mm or larger caliber) and at least three magazines
  • Quality belt with strong side holster and at least 1 magazine pouch
  • Serpa holsters or similar holsters that use the trigger finger to deactivate a retention device are NOT allowed
  • Be able to retain 2 magazines on your body
  • 300 rounds of dependable ammunition (minimum). No steel core, no armor piercing, no tracer.
  • Knee pads (optional, but recommended – range surface is rocky gravel)
  • Eye protection, hearing protection (electronic recommended) and baseball cap.
  • Comfortable clothes (Tactical pants and tee shirt)
  • Water for hydration (At least 1 gallon)
  • Mouthpiece and cup (optional but recommended)
  • Optional: Preferred "blue gun" of your CCW/DUTY weapon (get one HERE
  • Optional: Trainer version of your carry knife (We recommend the SOCP. Click here to get one)  - Inert handguns and knives will be available for the combatives part. 
  • Positive attitude
  • Open mind


  • Lunch is not included. Please bring your own.
  • It's highly recommended to bring a chair.
  • This is an outdoor range, so the only restrooms are Port-A-Johns.