Defensive Pistol Class I (8 HRS)


This class is an expanded version of our Defensive Pistol I Clinic. It's a full 8-hour training day offering. This class covers the defensive use of a full sized to compact sized pistol. Students will improve their pistol handling skills through advanced drills and exercises with a strong emphasis on the fundamentals. Students will learn self-diagnostic skills to continue development of their own personal performance.


Stone Quarry Range
Culpeper, VA

Link-up Point

E.V. Baker's Store
4066 Zachary Taylor Highway
Culpeper, VA 22701

Link-up occurs and convoy departs 20 minutes prior to class start.

Topics Covered

  • Gear setup

  • Safety

  • Justification for use of force

  • Mind set

  • Drawing

  • Combat marksmanship

  • Reloads

  • Malfunctions

  • Shooting drills

  • Qualification course of fire

Equipment Needed

  • Serviceable semi-automatic pistol (9mm or larger caliber) and at least three magazines

  • Quality belt with strong side holster and at least 1 magazine pouch

  • Serpa holsters or similar holsters that use the trigger finger to deactivate a retention device are NOT allowed

  • Be able to retain 2 magazines on your body

  • 3-5 magazines of 10 round capacity (minimum)

  • 350 rounds of dependable ammunition (minimum). No steel core, no armor piercing, no tracer.

  • Knee pads (optional, but recommended – range surface is rocky gravel)

  • Water for hydration

  • Eye protection, hearing protection (electronic recommended) and baseball cap.


  • Lunch is not included. Please bring your own.

  • It's highly recommended to bring a chair.

  • This is an outdoor range, so the only restrooms are Port-A-Johns.