Practical Pistol/Competition Skills Class (8 HRS)

Prerequisite: Previous pistol course (min 2 day) or USPSA “C” Classification/IDPA Marksman or higher


This is an extended version of our 4.5 hour Practical Pistol/Competition Skills Clinic. This course is designed to increase handgun skills for self-defense or competitive shooting. We will stress speed and accuracy while covering handgun manipulation skills that will enable the shooter to more effectively use their pistol. The focus will be on the improvement of handgun shooting skills such as speed shooting, accuracy, the draw, reloads, barricade drills, shooting while moving, etc. Students will learn self-diagnostics to continue development of their own personal performance, how to practice and tracking one’s own skill level. The target audience of the course is the experienced law enforcement/military operator or USPSA/IDPA competitor who is looking to improve their speed, marksmanship and gun handling skills. We will use time-tested and proven drills to increase your skills.  This is a great opportunity to become more proficient with your defensive pistol skills required to advance in competition and self-defense. At the end, students will be sent a set of drills along with time standards that they need to get to the next level.


Stone Quarry Range
Culpeper, VA

Link-up Point

E.V. Baker's Store
4066 Zachary Taylor Highway
Culpeper, VA 22701

Link-up occurs and convoy departs 20 minutes prior to class start.

Topics Covered

  • Fundamentals of Marksmanship review

  • Barricades

  • Shooting while moving

  • Tactical & Emergency reloads

  • One handed shooting

  • Driving the pistol/target transitions

  • How to practice and increase performance

Equipment Needed

  • Serviceable semi-automatic pistol (9mm or larger caliber)

  • 3-5 magazines of 10 round capacity (minimum).

  • Quality belt with strong-side or appendix Concealment holster & Magazine pouch

  • Serpa holsters or similar holsters that use the trigger finger to deactivate a retention device are NOT allowed

  • Be able to retain 2 magazines on your body

  • 600 rounds of dependable ammunition (minimum). No steel core, no armor piercing, no tracer.

  • Knee pads (optional)

  • Eye protection, hearing protection (electronic recommended) and baseball cap.


  1. Lunch is not included. Please bring your own.

  1. It's highly recommended to bring a chair.

  2. This is an outdoor range, so the only restrooms are Port-A-Johns.